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Just the Way It Works!

Do away with the erroneous and messy paperwork and send Prescriptions electronically.

Empower health practitioners with an unmatched electronic prescription software to connect and send prescriptions to pharmacies without having to write any note ever, minimizing errors and misunderstandings along the way. Refill requests from pharmacies across the US can be catered effectively.


Transparency and Efficiency All Along



Automatic verification of the refill requests to avoid disruption in practitioners’ workflow



Precisely track the orders for medication and refill, and timely cancel or change if needed



Electronic Prescription Software already integrated with Practice Management tool


Bring the MOST Out of Your Medical Practice

Minimize Patient costs with our clinical workflow

Comprehensive databases to facilitate prescription

Automate entire prescribing cycle to save time

Eliminate errors emerging due to handwriting

Cater to the refill requests seamlessly

A Handy Set of Features

We don’t claim to have a vast array of features because we only provide the ones that you actually require and avoid integrating the ones that are only cosmetic and serve no purpose in an electronic prescription software.

Price Transparency

Medication Record

Smartphone App

Pharmacy Association

Prescription Security

Complete Drug List

The Best EHR Software Apps

Download the patient apps (Spot MD) and provider apps (EHRCentral) and evaluate the entire software by yourself. The apps are available for free on Play Store for android and App Store for iPhone/iPad.

Complete Medical EHR Software

EHRCentral maximizes your efficiency and drastically reduces costs and time consumption 
regardless of whether you practice solely or manage a team of providers.

Download our best apps for Patients and Providers

Spot MD - Patient App

Spot MD

MD - Provider App