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Patient Management

Patient Engagement Software

Neat and easy patient facilitation system that works seamlessly across all platforms including mobiles, desktops, and tablets. From effortless digital intake and secure profiles to scheduling, reminders, communication, and payments, everything is automated and efficient.

All-inclusive Patient Portal

Go Digital

Bid farewell to petty and erroneous paperwork and bring in the digital-only patient portal. Patient registration, appointment scheduling, reminders, and history are all accessible with a single click for each. Already integrated payment gateway makes payment collection easier.

Stay Connected

Enable payments to communicate with providers and 24/7 available support staff via multiple channels including email, phone, and text all integrated within EHRCentral Patient Engagement Software. Keep patients updated with automated or customized texts and emails as needed.


Efficient Telemedicine


Seamless Communication

Consulting a doctor was never as easy as with EHR Central telemedicine software. The patients see their doctors virtually via faultless real-time video session. Enable patients to make the most out of their time and money by remotely seeing their provider regardless of where they are located.


From scheduling a remote session and meeting a provider remotely to making payments, all activities in EHRCentral Patient Engagement Software are completely compliant with HIPAA and other regulatory authorities. Besides, patient information and other private records are securely placed.


Your Complete EHR Software

EHRCentral maximizes your efficiency and drastically reduces costs and time 
consumption regardless of whether you practice solely or manage a team of providers.

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