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Medical Billing
Management System

Whether you keep billing management for your in-house team or outsource it to a managed billing service, EHRCentral facilitates the workforce with cross-platform real-time access to the system any time. Track the claims and bring down the time it takes to manage the accounts receivable.

Streamlined Claims Management

Claims Submissions

Attain a drastic reduction in time and costs consumed to submit claims. With EHRCentral, you can electronically submit claims to get quick reimbursement in a transparent process while the status of each claim can be tracked anytime on your billing portal. As the system is entirely online, the encounters are significantly increased, optimizing billing and collections in the process. 

Insurance Eligibility

EHRCentral Medical Billing Management System allows you to verify the eligibility of each patient electronically eliminating the petty paperwork. The claim submission is thus quicker enabling you to receive reimbursement sooner. Get the Electronic Remittance Advice electronically as well.


Seamless Patient Payments


Payment Dashboard

Enable patients to see their payment history including the payments that are due or the transactions made all at once. Our interactive billing and payments dashboard provide clear visibility and allows easy navigation.

Billing Your Way!

Facilitate your patients with multiple payment choices so that they can easily make payments out of the various options at their disposal with EHRCentral Medical Billing Management System. Your patients can now pay online, in-person, via credit card or using their payment plan.


Complete Medical EHR Software

EHRCentral maximizes your efficiency and drastically reduces costs and time consumption 
regardless of whether you practice solely or manage a team of providers.

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