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Push Your Practice Online

Flexible telemedicine software with mobile apps to yield tech-powered virtual environment

Provide patients and clients with an option to get consultation without stepping out of their houses under seamless remote sessions. Both doctors and patients gain in the process by saving the costs and time.

Telemedicine Software for Doctors

Your patients deserve the best experience when they choose to consult you. EHRCentral Telemedicine Software enables you and your patients to interact remotely via mobile apps. Give your patients the convenience to see you from anywhere. 


Choose Time

Choose one of the available time slots by date and time from calendar.


Select Doctor

Select from an extensive list of certified doctors registered with EHR Central


Select Setting

Let us know if you would schedule a visit at your site, doctor's office


Sit and Relax

All you need to do now is wait until the day of appointment with doctor's

Easy Interface for Online Sessions


We Lead from the Front in Healthcare Market

EHRCentral is recognized in various magazines and audits as one of the top software providers in the healthcare industry. Our platform-independent telehealth software runs seamlessly regardless of whether you are using it on mobile apps or the web portals.  

Patient-centered care rather than doctor or hospital-centered

Seamless data access from mobile apps and web portals.

Practice and consultation from anywhere in the world

Seeing a doctor from the comfort of home saving time and costs

Facilitate patients who are unable to see doctors in-person

Get the Best Healthcare Apps

Download the patient apps (Spot MD) and provider apps (EHRCentral) and evaluate the entire software by yourself. The apps are available for free on Play Store for android and App
Store for iPhone/iPad.


Complete Medical EHR Software

EHRCentral maximizes your efficiency and drastically reduces costs and time consumption 
regardless of whether you practice solely or manage a team of providers.

Download our best apps for Patients and Providers

Spot MD - Patient App

Spot MD

MD - Provider App